Web Design
Web Development ServicesNet-e-fx takes great pride in offering distinctive, artful and creative web site designs, to meet the unique desires of each customer. We are dedicated to the design & development of your Web Site.  
 Platform Independence
We employ methods based on technologies such as Java, XML, and Flash which are platform independent. These allow us to deploy solutions across diverse operating environments.  
Graphic Design
We offer our clients traditional graphic design in a variety of formats to compliment our web and multimedia design services. 
Web Development
Truth be known, most web sites do little to help their company's bottomline. Not because the web is an unfertile marketplace, but because most web sites are lacking key components. Proper application of:
  web best practices
  strategic creative
  effective copy
  technical innovation
  savvy marketing
  sound business theory
This is what separates typical web sites from performance-driven producers. This is what separates a Net-e-fx web site from the rest.
Consulting :

  strategic planning
  market research
  best practices guidence
  web site analysis (of existing sites)
Creative :

  graphics design
  audio & video
  web page coding
Marketing :

  marketing planning
  search engine optimization
  pay-per-click and affiliates
  online marketing
  advanced web metrics
Technical :

  web hosting & e-mail
  application deployment
  custom programming
  database development
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